Jubtuk Award

World of Warcraft fan art. The award of The Orgrimmar Massive guild awarded for exceptional performance in killing own members or wiping own raid group. "Awarded for noobness beyond the call of duty"

Below is "The Orgrimmar Massive" magazine cover featuring Jubtuk and polar bear Yogi (model is from SVUS commercial).

Background story:
Once upon a time, the 10 man group of Orgrimmar Massive raiders have been raiding troll temple of Zul Gurub. The raid was not going so well and we have been dying on Bloodlord Mandokir repeatedly. The Jubtuk event happened after one such "wipe." During the recovery, warlock Vomitus summoned his imp Jubtuk, but forgot that said imp is on aggressive settings. So in the peaceful scene when every raid member has been preparing for upcoming fight, imp Jubtuk hopped in funny manner to Bloodlord himself and launched a puny fireball. The result was predictable. Enraged bloodlord and his raptor mowed down entire raid group in seconds. The entire scene was surreal. Everybody saw the imp. Everybody knew the inevitability of fight. Everybody knew its lost. And nobody was able to to anything about it.
That day the Jubtuk Award was born.

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