Guardian of the Account 02
"Gargoyle and undead PC"

Despite the failure in round 1 of competition called "Guardian of the Account", I have decided (well I have been 50/50, I left the decision to someone else) to take another shot. This time I decided to be more explicit. Erm... as explicit as I could get, so I have created a Warcraft universe gargoyle guarding an undead themed version of a computer. That is how computer would look if undead in warcraft had computers.

Almost entire picture has been sculpted. Even some parts that have been originally modelled had to take sculpting treatment.
All textures used on this picture are my own.
Below the main picture you may find actual "keyboard scroll", which is unfortunatelly unreadable on the main picture and detail of gargoyle head. The gargoyle is actually my first sculpted model, if I dont count adjustments of zerg guardian, which has been modelled in Max, and just fine tuned in Zbrush.

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