Guardian of the Account 01
"Zerg Guardians on Tarsonis"

In the end I have decided to take part in contest at called "Guardian of the Account". The aim was to create image of something from Blizzard universe, be it monster, hero or authenticator, that would guard my account/computer. I tried to make picture refering to Starcraft II cinematic version of Tarsonis overrun by zerg monsters.
Model of the monster is low poly with normal maps created when I have been trying Zbrush. The rest is usual modelling. I have used my own textures for this.

I think this picture may have been way off target. I didnt want to be clear and make it too explicit, so I guess I brought it on myself.

Anyways, here is the "key" to crack the picture:
- The sign on the building says "Savings and Loans" (the sign on the floor is to reinforce the connection) implying bank or similiar institution dealing with accounts.
- The monster is Starcraft II model of monster appearing in Starcraft I. The monster is called "Zerg Guardian". And voilá - guardian of the account.

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