Preventan campaign
Promotional campaign

Product Preventan has been one of the most demanding projects both technology and time wise. Back then I had close to none experience with hair and fur in 3D and the images were to be used for both television and print.
Commercial featured fully animated (and talking) polar bear, and sneezing human. Later in the production, scene in pharmacy has been added and I had to make fully animated pharmacist as well. Due to time constraints this came at a price.

Screenshots from the commercial (including pharmacy interior).

Left: Leaflet and stand. Right: Poster on display in pharmacy (Palackeho street)

Bear "wips". Originally the bear was supposed to be realistic. Hence the thicker muzzle.

During the campaign an informational has been displayed on screens in pharmacies showing the journey of a virus into the organism and subsequent arrival of bacteria. Parts of this infomercial were used in follow-up commercial.

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