Pthome ptcinema

3Dtotal Speed modelling challenge
New speed modelling challenge 75: Compact entertainment

"Horus 2000," favourite home entertainment unit all across Egypt 2000 BC. The CD (back then called "the silver sun of Horus that tells stories") is inserted into the disc space over the top scarab beetle. What you may see under are not canopy jars (as is common misconception these days) but controls to the pthome ptcinema. From left to right: 2x Horus pointing west (fast rewind), Horus pointing west to temple flag (previous chapter), crossed hands (stop), eye of Horus (play movie), Horus pointing east to temple flag (next chapter), 2x Horus pointing east (fast forward). 2 statues at the sides represent Horus in human shape. Horus is God of sun, light, and therefore laser. The statues with palms outward say "Sit up, be quiet, and watch from start to the end (and dont skip end credits)."
Modelling time 120 minutes.

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