SdKfz 251/25

3Dtotal Speed modelling challenge
Monthly speed modelling challenge 04: Solar ice drilling machine

251 Hanomag was a model of german APC during WW2. Because of its versatility, it has been used for various tasks, and outfitted with almost anything there was. So there was anti tank version, anti aircraft, flamethrower... and engineer.

My ficticious solar ice drill is an engineering unit consisting of three vehicles. First vehicle is outfitted with the "drill", two other are outfitted with mirrors. Since the topic is "solar ice drilling machine," I used the fact that sun is hot and ice can melt. So the "drill" is only a array of lenses that focus sunlight into a light beam that in turn melts the ice. Mounted on SdKfz 251 it can be packed up and redeployed on another location. Mirrors can be positioned independently and the drill has a "parabolic antena" to make a bigger target for mirrors.

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