Pz.Kpfg. IV Ausf. H

3Dtotal Speed modelling challenge
Monthly speed modelling challenge 03: All Terrain Armoured vehicle

Panzerkampfgänger IV Ausführung H (Pz.Kpfg. IV Ausf. H), a plan B after my original idea of Panzer IV has been rejected.

This vehicle is based on SdKfz. 222 (turrets), SdKfz. 234 (main hull), PaK 43 (anti-tank version of FlaK 88), and "Wirbelwind" (the nose turret shape is derived from AA version of Panzer IV.). Radar antena array on each turret is based on FuG 202 Lichtenstein

Decals: the red number on side indicates its the third vehicle, first platoon of second company of the batallion. The insignias on the turret indicate the walker belongs to division Grossdeutschland (Wehrmacht). The last decal indicates it belongs to assault walker battalion and thats the only one I made up (not entirely. Its based on heavy tank batallion decal).

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