Choppa of da Big'un!

3Dtotal Speed modelling challenge
Monthly speed modelling challenge 01: Legendary weapon

Meh be da Big'un 'mong greenskins! Dat cause meh have big pile of shinies and killd most stunties! Meh hava big choppa and dis tread be 'bout me choppa! It iz BIG! It is luggundry! It so big 'n pritty you wanna be smashed by it! Dat be all meh tell ya 'bout me choppa. Meh no gud at storytell. Meh had a gobbo hu did da storrytelling. But me got hungry and ate da storrytella. Me roasted im on da buk he carried! Har har har! Dat wuz fun!

Sygned: Da Big'un Orc!.

This model has been answer to URs Dwarven mace. Inspired by Warhammer universe. Modelling time 120 minutes.

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