Eye of the Beholder, level 1

3Dtotal Speed modelling challenge
All New Speed Modelling Challenge 16: Medieval fantasy

Medieval fantasy. The list of ideas I had for this would take couple of pages. Number of objects feasible for 90 minutes would be about 3/4 of them. Time has been problem for me again, and I havent been able to make my "main" entry, which was actual beholder monster (schedule has been so tight I havent used entire 90 moinutes). Instead I ended up with entry I started only as a joke entry, which was the actual level 1 of Westwood game Eye of the Beholder. The layout corresponds to the game, albeit with absent fake walls. Monsters placement is random, although both monster types are actual lvl 1 monsters and leeches are properly at the end of the level.

Modelling time 70 minutes.

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