Ancient Egyptean farm on the river Nile

3Dtotal Speed modelling challenge
All New Speed Modelling Challenge 14: Old MacDonald had a farm...

Two weeks round. In this case I had couple of ideas which way to go, including French farm house usable in some of my other projects, or World of Warcraft pumpkin farm. And then of course ancient Egyptean farm. Since its been two weeks challenge, I planned 3 entries. Farm itself, water well, and supply boat, all combined in one big final non-competition picture. Lack of time and simplicity of water well cut it down to two entries... and in the end I didnt have time for the boat. I did however take the time to make beauty render with vegetation, created outside allocated time with Vue 7.5. Render times for the beauty pass were incredible, so I had to put the picture together from smaller renders in Photoshop.

The main resource for this entry has been "farm on the Nile" photo I found on Flicker.

Modelling time 90 minutes.

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