29. 8. 2012

And now something completely different - 2 new additions in Challenges gallery. :)

9. 5. 2012

2 new additions in Challenges gallery, including stylized challenge entry.
And the important part: finally there are 2 shots in commercial movies theater.

10. 2. 2012

3 new additions in Challenges gallery - new in here anyways. One picture dates back to Halloween.

3. 2. 2012

2 new additions in Miscellaneous gallery - Zerg on Tarsonis and my first "sculpted picture" gargoyle on undead PC.

15. 12. 2011

World of Warcraft season poster in Artworks section... and revamped commercial gallery with couple of entries added.

13. 09. 2011

Some more entries in Challenges gallery... and some "bug" fixes in other sections.

13. 05. 2011

4 new entries in Challenges gallery including one win and one second place picture.

1. 03. 2011

New project, German attack plane Henschel Hs-129 B2 with its first wip picture.

1. 06. 2010

A maintenance day. I just hope everything is in order... it looks that way from here. But the silver lining is... Artwork gallery is starting up.

17. 05. 2010

After a long wait there is finally page for - Preventan in commercial gallery.

31. 03. 2010

Two additions this time. Both in challenges gallery.
SdKfz 251/25 is yet another ficticious WW2 German vehicle.
And my first artwork here - Clash of the... Titans? came from 3DTotal unified challenge named "Gift to the Gods"

18. 03. 2010

New addition in commercial galleries. Ondrasovka is about to be broadcasted during football championship.

16. 02. 2010

New addition in challenges galleries. All terrain armoured vehicle ranked fourth in third monthly challenge.

28. 01. 2010

Hello and welcome on Japo213.com web pages. Please feel like at home, and browse around.
There are still some empty spaces and dead links, some paint is till wet. Please bear with me :)